First thoughts on Contentful

September 8, 2019

I like it that the rich text fields output as a arrays of paragraphs. That'll get me round a lot of faffing and string analysis.

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Getting your Universal app ready to work with CloudFront

May 24, 2020

If you've followed along from the previous tutorial, you should now have an Angular Universal application served using AWS CloudFront. However, you might spot a few things aren't quite right. For a start, you've probably spotted that your styles aren't loading. If you look a bit closer, you might also spot that the JavaScript files that the build process has generated (main, polyfills and a couple of others) aren't loading. You might even note that it's because the build process has added an extraneous /production/ to the base href.

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Getting your Angular Universal site production ready

May 19, 2020

So I've got to admit, when I realised a couple of years ago that a plain Angular application wouldn't render dynamically-generated metadata, I was pretty surprised. I kind of felt like it was one of those huge oversights like you sometimes hear about on big civic projects where they build a tram but forget to have any platforms or something like that. Surely half the internet is metadata? And surely half the point of JS frontend frameworks is to get data out of an API and render it? But anyhow... Angular Universal to the rescue.

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Adding code blocks (and other structured content)

February 16, 2020

One of the challenges/opportunities we have is that we've got an Angular component library that uses TypeScript interfaces to initialise components. You can generate that interface data from a CMS, obviously, but it needs to be fairly structured.

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Getting started with Contentful and Angular

September 7, 2019

I cut my teeth developing Drupal sites. I've got to say, I miss the open source vibe of the Drupal Cons and Camps. But it seems like the world has moved on, and you can knock something out with a mixture of Angular and Contentful pretty quickly.

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